Our Supernatural God — Brent and Suzanne Lokker

• November 10th, 2019

Pastors Brent and Suzanne share from Acts 12 about Peter's miraculous escape from prison, and how even those who had gathered in prayer were unprepared for the completeness of God's answer to their prayers. For those among us who may be feeling jaded or disappointed about things we prayed for that didn't come to pass as we expected, we are encouraged to repent of any offense that we still carry against God for not having moved in our preferred way or timing, and get ready to be willing and courageous participants in God's current move.

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The Lengths God will Go — Brent Lokker

• November 3rd, 2019

This week, Pastor Brent shows the genius of the Holy Spirit in winning people to himself. In the first case this is shown through Paul's discourse with the Athenians in Acts 17, while the second illustration is from Caleb Byerly's amazing story of reaching a lost people group through obedience to a vision and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The video clip used here can also be found at https://youtu.be/-fiQIEXI2Yo (used by permission). 

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Fairly Traded into God’s Kingdom — Katherine Sinon

• November 3rd, 2019

In this short audio clip, Katherine Sinon shares prophetic insight on our calling and journey from Psalm 139. 

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Tabitha and the Miraculous — Todd Lout

• October 27th, 2019

Pastor Todd Lout reminds us of God's supernatural power and authority as illustrated by the stories of Aeneas and Dorcas in Acts 9:32-43. We are encouraged to know that the Miracle Worker lives inside us and that our very existence is a miracle. Therefore, being who we truly are involves the expectation of God's miraculous power breathing though us!

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God’s Oscars (A Spear in His Hands) — Joanne Moody

• October 20th, 2019

Our guest speaker, Joanne Moody, brings us a powerful message from 1 Samuel 1-3. We learn the vital importance of intimacy and anointing in order to be who we really are and become instruments of God's advancing kingdom, able to fill the earth and subdue it. 

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A Story of Heart-Felt Worship and God Doing a New Thing — Russ Fochler

• October 15th, 2019

Pastor Russ Fochler shares the story of Peter and Cornelius from Acts 10, and how God orchestrated changed minds and hearts to bring the Gentiles into full fellowship, receiving the Holy Spirit and baptism. We too are encouraged to move beyond the status quo, and hunger for the "more" that God has for us.  To see the slides, click here.

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Making Room for Growth — Karena Lout

• October 10th, 2019

Pastor Karena expands on Saul's journey from Acts 9. God invites us into a continual discovery of who He is. However, that journey requires our willing engagement, humility along with a listening and teachable spirit (as we see in Saul's example).  Embracing growth requires vulnerability and complete surrender!  To see the slides, click here. 

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Religion vs. Relationship — Brent Lokker

• September 29th, 2019

Pastor Brent reminds us of the simple Gospel message and its power to set us free, if only we would take it at face value. Too often we have allowed never-quite-good-enough, performance-based religion to turn God's good news into a man-made prison! Pastor Brent invites us back to the place where we trust the completeness of God's salvation work in us, and can confidently state that we're fully accepted and loved as God’s favored child!  To see the slides for this talk, click here.

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Reclaiming our Authority — Pastor Jean Bosco Hajabakiga

• September 22nd, 2019

Pastor Jean Bosco Hajabakiga, a prominent pastor in Rwanda, shares his testimony, with a focus on how he came to forgive one of his brother after 40 years of hostility and resulting bondage. He also highlights the power we have as believers to bind and loose with the authority of Heaven (Matt 18:18); a power that many of us know about, but don't truly know that we have!

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Coming Home to Identity — Charles Razzell

• September 15th, 2019

This week, Charles Razzell contrasts the attitudes and outcomes for two men who encountered God's power: Simon the Sorcerer and Paul the Apostle (Acts chapters 8 & 9). God calls us to experience sonship and values us accordingly, whereas many of us still tend to assess each other for what we do. The best possible outcome is when we know who are are in Christ and live accordingly; Jesus being the Vine, and we the branches. Testimonies shared by Stephen Carey and Tina Razzell remind us that God continues to actively call His sons and daughters back to the joy of a living relationship with Him.  To view the slides, click here.

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