The Holy Spirit Reveals Jesus

• April 13th, 2019

Pastor Russ Fochler delves further into the purpose and meaning of the outpouring of God’s Spirit in Acts 2. A significant part of that purpose was to allow Jesus’ Ekklesia to bring His realm, His answers to a hurting world. But this is not a formula or a method, since the the keys to Heaven’s Realm only come through our relational access to the mind of Jesus about the situations and people Father God desires to help.  This relational access is empowered by Holy Spirit being in us and upon us! 

To see the slides, click here.

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Filled for a Purpose

• April 7th, 2019

Pastor Brent Lokker focuses this week on Peter's first sermon where he explains the significance of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the effects of which were amazing and perplexing to those who witnessed it (Acts 2:12). The availability of the Holy Spirit in these last days is part of God's plan to reach the whole world, and is not something to be confined to the four walls of a church building, nor kept hidden in the secret lives of select believers. "And it will come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh…" (Acts 2:17a)

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Pressing in to Receive — Pastor David Kim

• March 31st, 2019

Pastor David Kim shares how the early disciples first experienced the gift of speaking in tongues in Acts 2:5-13.  We learn to appreciate the context of this event in the broad sweep of God's plan of salvation, and are encouraged to make  the most of the opportunity we have as modern-day Christians to press in to the richness of our glorious inheritance in the saints.   

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The Promised Gift — Brent Lokker

• March 24th, 2019

Pastor Brent Lokker invites us to "picture ourselves among the disciples" as they we are together in one place when the Holy Spirit came in awesome power and filled each one present. The effects were not only felt in that room, but spilled out into the streets of Jerusalem and very soon to Judea, Galilee, Samaria and the ends of the earth.  Pastor Brent concludes by inviting us to press in and make their story our own!

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What We Ought to Expect — Bill Dew

• March 17th, 2019

Bill Dew shares powerful stories of healing miracles he has witnessed as part of his international healing ministry, in which he trains and equips individuals to step into their authority to bring God's healing power to the sick through prayer. Listen to Bill for a while and you'll likely find yourself agreeing that "it's not complicated — it's what we ought to expect!"

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Prophetic Insight: Winds of Change — Bill Hernandez

• March 17th, 2019

Pastor Bill Hernandez shares an encouraging prophetic insight that many of us are on the cusp of a genuinely new thing, as if the season's about to change and we can sense it in the air. 

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Preparing for Power: The Story of Peter

• March 3rd, 2019

Pastor Susan Fochler traces Peter's transformation from head-strong to humble, showing how he became secure in his sonship and ready to lead a new move of God.  To see the slides, click here.

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Acts1: The Essential Holy Spirit — Brent Lokker

• February 24th, 2019

Pastor Brent Lokker shares how the Holy Spirit baptized and empowered the early church to be messengers of the Kingdom starting in Jerusalem and spreading everywhere. The Holy Spirit is still essential today to enable us to truly impact those around us. Bill Hernandez shares his personal journey with the Holy Spirit and encourages us to persist in our pursuit of a radical Holy Spirit encounter that can't be contained!

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Preparing to Dive into Acts — Russ Fochler

• February 17th, 2019

Pastor Russ Fochler helps us prepare to be part of the continuing story of the Book of Acts, experientially and practically.  Pastor Russ takes us back to what Jesus taught his disciples to expect of the Holy Spirit, who would enable them (and us) to truly be world changers!  To see the slides, go to:

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Blazing Fire Pastors Share Vision & Direction

• February 10th, 2019

After a recent Elders' retreat, each of the Blazing Fire Pastors shares briefly on what they're sensing and excited about for the coming year. 

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